EU Residency by Company Formation Bulgaria

Looking to secure EU residency through company formation? Bulgaria offers a compelling pathway. Discover the advantages of obtaining EU residence visas by forming a company in Bulgaria and how this streamlined process can lead to your European dream. With the help of a residence card, you can also apply for permanent residence permits or a […]

Residency Permit Bulgaria for Entrepreneur

Dreaming of launching your entrepreneurial venture in Europe? Bulgaria’s golden visa program, also known as the startup visa, provides entrepreneurs with a pathway to permanent residence and a European passport. This program offers a gateway to the thriving European market. With its innovative tech community and supportive government, Bulgaria is an ideal destination for business […]

Permanent Residency Bulgaria

Looking to secure permanent residency in Bulgaria? Understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial. Obtaining permanent residence visas offers a range of benefits, making it an attractive option for many individuals. The process may involve naturalization or obtaining extended residence permits. Temporary residence permits are also available for those who do not qualify for permanent residency. […]